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  You can now fill in a request in our new support ticket system:
It is now easier than it has ever been before to contact us and explain the nature of your technology or tutoring needs. Just click on the link immediately following to place your first support ticket! Work Order Form

Chat Live! You can also chat with us in real-time by clicking here!

  If you need assistance pertaining to a prior service call, maybe remote desktop support (UVNC) might help:
As long as your computer boots up and is connected to the internet (dsl, cable or FIOS connection), we are now able to offer the option of being able to bring you solutions to your technology issues/questions through internet-based support.

Visit the UltraVNC Remote Desktop Support Website!    For many issues it is faster!

   Immediate solutions without a house call!

   Self installing and self uninstalling software.

   Requires that you only download one tiny file.

   Can be done day or night, and even during a lunch break!

First create a support ticket in the Work Order Form, then download the file below and run when instructed to do so.

To download the latest version of the remote desktop support software - click here.

* This file has been scanned and tested with the latest Anti-Virus software.

If You Have Additional Question(s) Please E-Mail:

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